Marianne, Cambridgeshire

I am a messy person, with lots of stuff and not much space. Add to that a one year old baby and it quickly became obvious I needed a bit of help! Jess breezed in one day and helped me to organise and de-clutter my wardrobes. And for me, that didn’t mean just clothes! I bade farewell to boxes filled with knick-knacks, old batteries and endless toiletries amongst clothes I no longer wore or needed. Where there was once a pile of clothes on the floor of my wardrobe, and forgotten jumpers shoved onto the top shelf, Jess methodically organised my clothes into neat sections on the rails and used the free space to store my pillows and duvets. We gave away four huge bags of clothing and shoes. The change was instant! Deciding what to wear is so much easier because I can actually see what I have. And I really have stuck to the system, which has been a pleasant surprise. I have even started more de-cluttering myself, by organising my kitchen cupboards.

Jess was so helpful and professional; her calm approach made it all very painless. Plus, she was so hands on! She brought such a great energy it kept me going and meant we used the time really efficiently. I didn’t think we would have time to achieve what we did, and it’s made such a difference. I would thoroughly recommend Jess to anyone who wants to organise and declutter their home; I’m already planning to book in a date to tackle the other problem areas in my house!

Tasha, South East London

I didn’t really know what to expect before Jess came over, and I actually felt quite nervous immediately before she arrived – what was she going to think of my mess?! I needn’t have worried – she’s very professional and completely non-judgemental. I was moving to a smaller flat so our focus was to minimise stuff that I didn’t need to take with me. We worked on the kitchen and study together, and we even got my partner to go through his paperwork! By the end of our five hours I had six big bags for the charity shop and three bin bags for recycling and rubbish. As a bonus, Jess rearranged my kitchen cupboards – I’d always thought I just didn’t have enough storage but she showed me that I just needed to arrange it differently so as to make better use of what I have. In unpacking at my new place I found I was much better at deciding where to put everything so as to maximise my storage space. It seems like a trivial thing, but it’s made such a difference! I would highly recommend getting Jess in if you think you don’t have enough storage and space – you do, you just need to know how to use it!

Monica, West London

After a tricky time in my life I had reached a real low point where I had let my house and all my paperwork get on top of me. I needed to do something about it but had no idea where to start. Jess’ patient and methodical approach to decluttering an entire family home full of 30 years’ worth of stuff gave me back an entire loft where once it was groaning with old unused mess, and we swept through bedrooms, the kitchen and even the shed to clear out what I no longer needed or loved. She even helped me get through my nemesis – all my filing and paperwork! I honestly couldn’t have done it without her – I now know where everything is and feel completely in control of my space again.